With our W Series, you can now explore the unknown with complete confidence. The W Series is perfect for:

• Generating bathometric charts to allow you to explore new places on:

Superyachts Exploration vessels Cruise ships

• Search and rescue

• Coastguards


Enjoy safer anchorages

With the W Series, captains can use a support vessel or tender to remotely gather accurate bathometric information that is not reliable in navigation charts. This means faster, safer navigation and anchorage in poorly charted regions.

For vessels such as superyachts and cruise ships that are exploring remote locations, dive sites or wrecks, the W3 can help you avoid obstacles and accidental damage and plan for the perfect dive, fish or anchorage for lunch. With multiple tenders, you can map the seafloor even faster and find the perfect anchorage more quickly.

Know if the seafloor has changed

Natural events like cyclones, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes can alter the seafloor. This means the bay in which you anchored last season may no longer be safe. Only real-time data can tell you. Don’t take the risk – play it safe and make your own bathometric maps with WASSP.


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