Highly Sensitive WASSP Transducers

With the highly sensitive WASSP Mid-Frequency Widebeam and WMB-80 transducers, you get much more depth than similar powered traditional sounders. With processing from very low comparable transmission power WASSP transducers give you very good clarity in both deep and shallow water.

WASSP Low Freq transducers



WMB-80 Transducer

Like many commercial fishing transducers, the WMB-80 is designed to be mounted in a sea chest. This gives you the flexibility to have a custom-made sea chest for your specific vessel.

While all transducers need as much separation from other sounders as possible and clean waterflow across the surface, the F3X with AKP and IMS allows a well-placed WASSP transducer to operate in a sea chest with other transducers.


The Mid-Frequency Widebeam Transducer has a variable centre frequency and CHIRP bandwidth. It can be mounted externally to the hull with or without a fairing block (no custom-built box is needed). It can be used on many hull materials and is ideal for plastic hulls. 

Sea temperature measurement is included. There is the option for a motion sensor to be included inside the Transducer, which means fewer cable runs and an easier install. With its bolt-on design and drag-resistant shape, it’s the perfect solution for the end-user. Pole mounting is supplied for side and stern mounting (WASSP Pole mounts will soon be available). 



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