Once you use WASSP there’s no going back to a ‘single-beam only’ sonar system.

"I was blind and now I can see." - Trevor Burkart, Lobster Fisherman, New Zealand

With 224 beams per ping (depending on the model), WASSP multibeam sounder gives you a wide-angle 120° port-to-starboard view of the seafloor and water column. The viewing span is over 3 times sea depth, and WASSP can profile an area more than 100 times faster than a single beam system.



WASSP data is displayed in real-time enabling you make on-the-spot decisions.

- Make a run over a school of fish and then review recorded data using WASSP Navigator to determine the best place to set your net, or adjust it to avoid a costly snag.

- Instantly locate underwater debris or structures that might pose a hazard, and determine their precise size, shape and position.


WASSP is a 3D visualisation software that lets you record your runs and overlay them onto charts to build up a comprehensive seafloor and water column map – all in high-resolution 3D, rotatable for viewing from different angles.


You can select from a range of displays, depending on your needs at the time. Most skippers set up WASSP in their wheelhouse with single or dual screens. Or you can integrate WASSP into your bridge system to maximise full vessel situational awareness.


WASSP is designed to be quick to learn and simple to operate on the water. You don’t need to be a technology expert to get the best results with WASSP Multibeam Sounder.


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